About Us

3M KAYIS DIS TIC. SAN. LTD. STI. provides service with its professional technical team and expert staff more than 33 years in power transmission sector for milling machine producers and many industrial applications by supplying the most qualified and high performed products of many brands across the country which are famous at inside and outside of country and our company contributes the improvement and operations of Turkish industry with experience in its sector and technical support of its engineer staff by internalizing quality approach and the principle of service which is based on customer satisfaction.

        “We’re dealing with the work that we’re the best on it and we walk to the future in the light of virtuous and honest principals.”

Today, number of foundations increase day to day which are in variable field and different capacity and we’re providing service to them. Their main target is decreasing the costs while increasing the productivity for being more competitive in their markets. Our company provides services based on product specialist and knowledge engineering beside provides the products by technological and logistical investments for making our customers to reach their goals. 3M KAYIS is the sister company of KYS which is the world brand in its sector. They become the leader establishment by providing service to the customers together at ‘’ Power Transmission Parts’’ in 10.000 meter square field as total and 6.000 meter square
field as closed. 3M KAYIS supplies the sales of most qualified and performed products to the customers by being distributor of OPTIBELT which is the world brand on production of belts and power transmission parts. 3M KAYIS grows fast with the support of its customers because it keeps the quality and trust foreground in all sectors that it provides service to them. It increases its portfolio and starts to sell couplings with OPTIBELT – DESCH company which proves itself in its sector according to industrial solution principal and becomes world brand. OPTIBELT-DESCH company undertakes to design and produce the high qualified products and services with conformity and spirit of frankness according to the expectations of customers by joining forces under the brand name TECNAMIC. We added TIMEPOWER and HANDERBELT brand names to our company in 2017 for aiming to increase and develops the portfolio of our products and supplying different and fast solutions to our customers. We aim to increase the variety of coupling production and finding economical new solutions by adding TIMEPOWER brand name to our company. We renew ourselves and work as solution oriented according to service principal for customer satisfaction with our technical staff. We adapted fast to Turkish belt market and have place at industry sector in less time with HANDERBELT brand name and success to produce industrial and technical solutions with design of new products.

      ‘’We store data and experience,beside products ’’

You could visit our other website: www.kaplindunyasi.com for seeing all of our items in wide range of coupling sector.